Information Technology

Information technology is an integral part of the modern day business.  Our Information Technology Practice Group has, for many years, been providing legal services and advice to our clients on matters including e-commerce, technology protection and enforcement.  Our clients consist of local and multi-national corporations.  Our lawyers in the Information Technology Practice Group have vast experience in handling cross-border cases.

Services provided by us include:

Technology Protection and Enforcement

  • domain name registration
  • trade mark registration
  • patent registration
  • design registration
  • copyright protection
  • licensing and maintenance of patents, design, copyrights, trade marks, trade secrets & other technology
  • confidentiality and technology transfer and licence agreements
  • action against cybersquatting and infringement of intellectual property rights
  • assisting prosecution and enforcement action by the relevant authorities in the region e.g., the Customs and Excise Department in Hong Kong and government agencies in the Mainland China

Technology Infrastructure and Support

  • web design
  • web hosting
  • internet and wireless content provider agreements
  • application services provider agreements
  • wireless application protocol (WAP) content provider agreements
  • optical fibre cable network
  • technical support
  • software development, licensing and distribution
  • computer services
  • system consultancy, integration, customization and outsourcing
  • related consultancy and professional services


  • geographic information systems
  • intelligent transport systems
  • e-shop
  • e-auction
  • e-banking
  • e-broking
  • m-commerce
  • smart card
  • security
  • data protection and privacy
  • regulatory compliance

Start Ups

  • joint development agreements
  • cooperation agreements
  • employment and profit-sharing agreements and other benefit schemes
  • venture capital
  • private investment
  • intellectual property protection and assignment
  • confidentiality

Corporate Commercial

  • incorporation of companies
  • provision of corporate secretarial services
  • stock options agreements and share schemes
  • joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances
  • funding and other fund raising arrangements

Corporate Finance

  • initial public offerings
  • spin-offs
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • sale and purchase of businesses
  • restructuring
  • Listing Rules compliance
  • due diligence


  • comparable services as above



CHAN, Raymond Chi Kin
HO, Esther Wai Ling


CHAN, Michael Wah Tip
TSANG, Howard How Leung